Our products have changed,

But our values remain the same

KEITH® Walking Floor agriculture mobile trailers unloading from the past and present

The KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® agriculture mobile unloader makes the most of your trailer, giving you VERSATILITY, PAYLOAD, SAFETY & DEPENDABILITY. 

Safety & Flexibility In The Field

WALKING FLOOR® Trailers Safely Unload—

  • On Uneven Ground
  • Under Utility Lines & Trees
  • During Windy Conditions
  • Inside Buildings & Tunnels

Agriculture trailer mobile unloader

KEITH® mobile unloaders are perfect for any agricultural products. 

Benefits of the system

  • Versatility: System loads and unloads bulk material and
    palletized cargo.
  • Cubic Capacity: A WALKING FLOOR® trailer has more
    cubic capacity than a belt trailer of the same length and height.
  • Weight: WALKING FLOOR® trailers are lighter than belt
    trailers with same cubic capacity, allowing for bigger payload.
  • Maintenance: WALKING FLOOR® trailers have few moving parts. There are no belts, chains, roller bearings or cables to contend with.
  • Cost: Comparing cubic capacity, WALKING FLOOR® trailers cost less than belt trailers.
  • Load and Unload Any Time: WALKING FLOOR® trailers can
    load and unload in any weather condition. Floors operate
    in severe freezing conditions or on the hottest days.
  • Backhaul Capability: WALKING FLOOR® trailers expand your backhaul capability to include bulk material and palletized cargo.
  • Floor Life: WALKING FLOOR® trailers are outfitted with
    long-lasting aluminum floor slats. There are no alignment, breaking or stretching issues with aluminum flooring.
  • Repair: All hydraulic components are easily accessible
    without having to unload the trailer for repairs. Interchangeable components reduces parts inventory.
  • Clean Out: Automatic and manual sweep systems clean the trailer floor simply and safely, without the need of the operator to enter the trailer.
  • Forklift Compatible: Forklift traffic can drive on floor surface, if necessary.

Getting the job done

since 1950.

Unload where you need to,

when you need to.

Unloading Green Waste

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Unloading Green Waste
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Unloading Green Waste

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