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KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® systems provide horizontal loading/unloading solutions for bulk materials, pallets, bales and rolls. Our moving floor conveying systems offer safe, versatile and efficient material handling for mobile unloaders and storage & conveying bins.

Variety of Materials

Our conveyors are used to move a variety of materials in numerous industries, including waste management & recycling, agriculture, aggregates & asphalt, wood products and energy production.

Best Solution

Our system consists of a series of reciprocating slats, which serve as the flooring of the mobile unloader or bin. When activated, the WALKING FLOOR® conveyor “walks” the load in or out.

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Mobile Unloaders

We don’t build trailers, we unload them.

Storage & Conveying Bins

Receive it – Store it – Meter it


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Face Masks Donation

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