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Trademarks Usage Guidelines

The WALKING FLOOR trademark can be used only when describing specific material handling systems designed and manufactured by KEITH Mfg. Co. It is not appropriate to use the WALKING FLOOR trademark to describe any other system. KEITH and WALKING FLOOR are the registered worldwide trademarks of KEITH Mfg. Co. As intellectual property, they are valuable assets to the corporation and its affiliate companies. Trademarks must be used properly. We request that these guidelines be followed for all uses of trademarks.

KEITH International Trademarks (PDF 504kb)

Rules for Proper Trademark Use

Trademarks are adjectives.

Always use a trademark as an adjective, accompanied with the appropriate noun. Because they are adjectives (identifying or descriptive words), trademarks cannot be pluralized or possessive. Nouns that commonly accompany the WALKING FLOOR trademark include: System, material handling technology, unloader, conveyor, equipment, etc.

Do not alter a trademark.

Always use the proper spelling and always use trademarks and logos in the manner they were intended to be used. In addition to the name, many logo-type styles are trademarked. Therefore, do not change logos in any way, including fonts.

Most prominent use.

The trademark symbol is required for prominent uses. This includes titles, headlines, labels, brochures, signage, web sites, data sheets, estimates, etc.

First use in copy.

The trademark symbol is required on the first use of the trademark in the body copy, even if the symbol has been used in accordance with the most prominent use rule.

Trademark ownership notice.

The trademarks held by KEITH Mfg. Co. should be properly noted in a trademark legend no smaller than 6-point type size. It typically appears at the end of a document or advertisement or on the back page of a brochure or flier. Although, it may placed in other locations.

Proper Trademark Attribution

Trademark ownership is usually noted in two ways:

  1. Use of a trademark symbol (® and ™) after the trademark. Superscript fonts are preferred, but if unavailable, please use parenthesis: (R) or (TM).
  2. The following ownership notice should be included: KEITH & WALKING FLOOR are registered worldwide trademarks of KEITH Mfg. Co.

If you have questions regarding trademark usage, please contact the KEITH Mfg. Co. Media Department.

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