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KEITH Manufacturing Co. provides systems for handling unitized products and other specialty loads. If a standard WALKING FLOOR® system isn’t right for your application, check out our other options.

Freight Runner®

Speed Cargo Handling Process


(Un)Load Pallets With or Without Dock

Ice Systems

Automate Ice Storage & Conveying


Automate Cargo Handling - Speed Product Distribution - Reduce Labor Costs

The KEITH® Freight Runner® Conveyor replaces the manual process of cargo handling that requires a forklift operator and an employee with a pallet jack.

  • Load/unload full trailer in as little as two minutes.
  • Conveying system automatically indexes cargo for loading/unloading.
  • Reduces labor costs up to 75%.
  • Compatible with most trailers and can be bolted to floor.
  • One-day installation requires minimal trailer modifications.
  • Moves up to 30 ton.

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Improved Efficiency – Automate Ice Delivery – Low Maintenance

Improve efficiency and automate ice delivery with KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® Ice Storage & Conveying system. KEITH systems provide a true first in, first out (FIFO) ice rotation without leaving residual ice, ensuring an easy clean-up process.

  • Low maintenance requirements.
  • Maintenance can be performed without need to remove ice.
  • Never need to enter “food zone” for maintenance, ensuring sanitary conditions.
  • Fasteners located outside for easy visual inspection.
  • Drive unit located under floor, away from ice.
  • Floor slats attach underneath bin for easy maintenance.
  • Systems won’t operate if access door is open.

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Load & Unload Pallets With or Without a Dock

The KEITH® PALLET WALKER® Trailer integrates the warehouse and fleet environments, providing flexibility in drop off and pick up locations.

  • Forklift never needs to enter trailer, eliminating source of cargo & trailer damage.
  • Material automatically loads/unloads, reducing need for personnel to enter trailer.
  • Unique floor motion prevents twisting or binding of cargo.
  • Goods can be adjusted to balance the load for proper weight distribution.
  • Bi-directional system for loading and unloading.

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