The horizontal unloading of a KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® system provides numerous benefits over using tipping and dump trailers. Because trailers never leave the ground, there is no risk of rollovers or hitting overhead utility cables and trees. To ensure a safe working environment, always follow safe operating instructions.

For the safe operation of your WALKING FLOOR® system:

KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® systems provide safer, horizontal unloading. As with all industrial equipment, it is important to follow all operational instructions and safety guidelines when operating a WALKING FLOOR® unloader. KEITH provides safety decals notifying the operator of instructions or potential safety hazards associated with the WALKING FLOOR® unloader. If you have not been provided with the operational and safety decals, please contact your dealer, or KEITH Manufacturing Co. to provide a set for your application and use.
  • Energy can be stored in compacted material. Doors can open violently. Do NOT operate with door closed. Stand clear to open door.
  • Personnel must not enter the unloading zone when the system is enabled. Nobody should be inside the trailer, under the trailer or behind the trailer in the unloading zone during operation.
  • Do not leave the trailer unattended while the unloader is in operation.
  • Shut off the hydraulic power take off unit (P.T.O.) before moving the trailer.
  • Nobody should be in a full trailer or filling trailer. Lock-out and tag-out procedures must be followed before accessing these areas.
  • Always disengage the trailer from the P.T.O./hydraulic power unit before service and maintenance.
  • Never go underneath the trailer when the floor is operating.
  • Make sure the power supply is completely shut off before going underneath the trailer.
  • Never operate if protective covers and screens are not properly in place.
  • Keep hands, body parts and loose clothing away from pinch points during operation. Lock-out and tag-out before servicing.
  • The system is under hydraulic pressure. Always lock-out and tag-out before servicing.
  • Hot surfaces can cause severe burns. Do not touch. Turn off and lock-out main power disconnect and allow to cool before servicing.
  • Never touch any moving part or attempt to make adjustments when system is in operation.
  • Read and understand the technical manual before operating or servicing.