For the safe operation of your WALKING FLOOR® system:

KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® systems provide safer, horizontal unloading. As with all industrial equipment, it is important to follow all operational instructions and safety guidelines when operating a WALKING FLOOR® unloader. KEITH provides safety decals notifying the operator of instructions or potential safety hazards associated with the WALKING FLOOR® unloader. If you have not been provided with the operational and safety decals, please contact your dealer, or KEITH Manufacturing Co. to provide a set for your application and use.

  • ALWAYS have the doors fully open! NEVER, under any circumstances, engage the WALKING FLOOR® unloader with the doors of the truck/trailer closed. Catastrophic failure to the
    truck/trailer, as well as serious injury or death may occur.
  • Use caution when opening doors. Material can become compacted against doors
    and they can open violently causing serious injury or death.
  • NEVER allow anyone to stand or move through the area where the load is being
    discharged or go under truck/trailer body or enter truck/trailer while the system is operating.
    Burial, loss of limb or life may occur.
  • While unloading, NEVER leave truck and trailer unattended.

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