Receive it – Store it – Meter it

KEITH WALKING FLOOR® storage and conveying bins are available for receiving, storing and metering materials. Bins are custom-engineered from concept to construction and can be designed to virtually unlimited dimensions and weight capacity. Configurations are based on customer specifications and include pit mounted, large and small storage bins, loader-fed bins and DrivOn™ solutions. A variety of industrial material handling accessories such as infeed chutes, leveling screws, spike rolls and discharge augers are available.

Boosts Productivity

Maximize Material Throughput

Energy Efficient

Low Power Requirements For Start Up


First In, First Out Material Rotation

High Volume Bins

Engineered Up To 1,400 Ton Capacity

Custom Engineered Solutions

Choosing the right material handling system boosts plant efficiency. KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® bins provide a cost effective, low maintenance solution for your conveying and storage needs.

Try our interactive bin to see the various components & options.


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