Trailer Unloaders

We Don’t Build Trailers, We Unload Them

Improving efficiency is the goal for every operation. Investing in the right trailer unloading system can ensure both profitability and productivity. The horizontal unloading action of a WALKING FLOOR® system eliminates many of the hazards of using dump or tipper trailers, which can overturn.

Unload safely inside buildings and tunnels, under utility lines, during windy conditions and on uneven or unstable ground.

High Moisture Loads

LeakProof & Leak Resistant Options

Abrasive Materials

Asphalt, Sand, Scrap, Glass, Fly Ash

Top Loading

Standard & High Impact Flooring

Backhauling Opportunities

Bulk Materials, Pallets & Bales

Versatile Unloading Options

KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® floor slats are available in a wide range of profiles and thicknesses to address the vast number of applications that are in use worldwide.


The KEITH® RUNNING FLOOR II® Drive is the most popular and reliable drive and has set the standard worldwide in horizontal unloading technology.

3.0” [76 mm]
3.5” [89 mm]
4.0” [102 mm]

3.0” – 35 Tons
3.5” – 50 Tons
4.0” – 75 Tons

* Maximum tonnage depends on material type and other variables.

At Recommended Pump Flow Rate 45 gal [170 liter]/minute

3.0”                                        12.5 ft [3.8 m]/minute

3.5”                                        8.6 ft [2.6 m]/minute

4.0”                                        6.4 ft [2 m]/minute

*Unload/load times may vary with the length of trailer, material type or other environmental variables.

Maximum Working Pressure of 3000 PSI [210 bar]

KEITH® Sweep Systems

KEITH® Sweep Systems clean the floor of the trailer as it unloads, reducing payload cross contamination. The automated system eliminates the need for brooms or manual tarps so the operator never needs to enter the trailer, providing a safer working environment. Sweep systems are based on the floor profile and the material unloaded. For more information, visit the KEITH Sweep Systems page or download the brochure.

KEITH® Walking Floor trailer with cleensweep
KEITH WALKING FLOOR® Trailer unloader with clean sweep

Floor Slats

Unloading Green Waste


For Wet Loads
Interlocking Slat
Holds Up to 12″ of Liquid*

*With front-mount drive.
Unloading Green Waste

v-18 Aluminum

No Floor Seal
Leak Resistant

KEITH V-FLOOR Slat 3D Rendering


Heavy Duty Use
High Temperature Applications
Steel or Aluminum Slats

Unloading Green Waste


For Fine Products
Tight Load Seal

KEITH V-FLOOR Slat 3D Rendering


Versatile Slat
Range of Profiles

Unloading Green Waste


Longer Slat Life
100% Floor Movement
Full Length Bearing

Unloading Green Waste
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Check out our interactive WALKING FLOOR® Unloader to view a breakdown of its components.


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