Ice Storage
Conveying Systems

A true first in, first out (FIFO) ice rotation.

Automate Ice Delivery With A KEITH® System

Boost efficiency, improve safety and reduce labor.

Learn more about how to improve efficiency and automate ice delivery with a KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® Ice Storage & Conveying system.

FDA & USDA Approved Materials

Engineered, Manufactured and Assembled in the USA

Used in a variety of industries

KEITH® Ice Storage and Conveying Systems work in conjunction with ice making equipment, serving as a bulk surge system storing ice and automatically delivering it for downstream processing.

Packaged Ice




Ice Bin Construction

  • Standard and custom bin configurations available.
  • Each system is assembled in-house prior to shipping.
  • Hydraulic components assembled and tested during manufacturing.
  • Technicians available for installation supervision, start-up, maintenance and support.

Interactive 3D Model

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