Innovations with Steel

Now Available in North America. KEITH announces the updated V-FLOOR® Slat design. Outfitted with a high-wear steel V-FLOOR® system, our WALKING FLOOR® unloader easily handles material such as sand, gravel and asphalt. Trailers safely unload horizontally, eliminating the hazards and limitations of tipping.

V-FLOOR® Slat Features ∙ No floor seal. ∙ Leak resistant. ∙ Full length bearing support. ∙ Impact resistant.

V-Floor Design Advantages:

Designed to handle maximum duty loads.
Slat design reduces the chance of material build up.
More floor surface moves the load.
Up to 94% of floor surface is moving vs. 75% with original design.
Improved clean out.

KEITH strives to provide the fastest unloading and lowest cost of ownership within the moving floor industry.
For more information, review our flier or check out our You Tube video.