Hydraulic Drives

Designed for maximum reliability, the hydraulic drive unit powers the slats and moves the unloader.

Drives come in a variety of sizes, depending upon capacity and tonnage requirements.

To compare capacities and features of our drive units, download the KEITH® Drive Units flier or contact us.

RUNNING FLOOR II® Drive Components

  1. Ball Valve: Functions as positive on/off for drive unit.
  2. Steel Hydraulic Tubing: Standardized design makes replacement easier.
  3. Cross-Drives: Each moves every third slat.
  4. Cylinder Rods: Case hardened chrome rods are used for superior wear.
  5. Check Valve: Externally mounted for easy accessibility.
  6. Switching Valve: Controls the reciprocating action of the floor.
  7. Control Valve: Determines loading or unloading mode.
  8. Drive Frame: Custom frame for ease of installation.