The evolution of the KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® system began more than half a century ago, when Keith Foster first entered the material handling industry by creating specialized agricultural equipment. The WALKING FLOOR® brand was introduced in the 1970s, with interest in the self-unloading system gaining momentum in the 1980s.

Today, KEITH Manufacturing Co. bears little resemblance to the early days. When Keith Foster built his first WALKING FLOOR® system, he had a handful of employees and few resources. The company now encompasses international locations and a global network of dealers. Both mobile and stationary units are used worldwide to move, meter and unload a variety of products.

Keith built his company around one goal — to produce the most economical, efficient and safest self-unloading system available. Today, his family carries the tradition forward by introducing innovative products and creative solutions to our customers.

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1950s - Keith Foster moves to Central Oregon and starts an agricultural manufacturing company.